The Vision

Mantras of a Chef is fueled by my passion for food and living an inspired life.

For as long as I can remember, I was always drawn to the kitchen, learning from watching others, experimenting and exploring all the wonder that surrounded me. Little did I know that in my years of attempting to create magic in the kitchen, my experiences would give birth to lessons in life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

My intention is to share with you these lessons, which I’ve organized into mantras. Not only have these mantras been influenced by my own experiences, but also by the experience of others all over the world.

At our core, we are all chefs, especially when we’re in the comfort of our own kitchen. And we all have our mantras to share. Through this platform, my vision is that we can together be a master of our mantras, be empowered by the lessons we’ve learned, and to live a life that’s driven not by the recipe of others, but by the recipe that we create for ourselves and from our heart.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.  Let’s stay inspired and live deliciously!


Founder, Mantras of a Chef


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